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An EV battery may one day help power a building, JuiceBar CEO says

Building out the EV charging network could change the relationship between drivers and where they park, according to the CEO of the charging manufacturer JuiceBar.


GM EV pickups threaten Chevy Bolts' future

The Michigan plant that builds the Bolt EV and EUV is scheduled for a $4 billion upgrade to begin making electric pickups powered by next-generation batteries.

Off-road Porsche 911 tested in the Arctic

Spy shots of the 911 prototype taken in the Arctic reveal a jacked-up suspension, flared wheel arches and old-school whale-tail spoiler.

2023 Toyota Sequoia SUV redesigned for modern-day family

The Sequoia, redesigned for the first time in more than a decade, gets an infusion of new technology, practicality and refinement. It arrives at a moment when more customers are demanding crossovers and SUVs with useful third-row seating and towing capacity.

Consumers still enjoy car-shopping experience

Inventory constraints and higher prices caused buyers' satisfaction to dim in 2021 vs. 2020, according to a Cox Automotive consumer survey.

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