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Here are the finalists for the 2021 PACE and PACEpilot Awards

The 2021 Automotive News PACE Award has named 31 finalists from 27 companies around the world. In addition, 23 finalists from 20 companies have been named for the PACEpilot award.

Luxury sales reaching historic highs

Higher-end brands raced out of the gates in the first quarter, a time of year when they typically underperform. Mercedes-Benz took pole position.

Off-road course for Broncos? Not in my backyard

A Vermont ski resort that planned to host one of four Ford Bronco "Off-Roadeo" driving schools around the U.S. backed out last week after an outcry from nearby residents.

No ‘cop-out' on climate-neutral car for Polestar

The Polestar O project seeks to create a climate-neutral vehicle by 2030.

Direct-sales efforts heat up in states

The proposals, backed by electric vehicle startups but opposed by franchised dealers, have been introduced in at least 10 states this year.