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Social media focus brings in customers

For Harry Robinson Automotive Family, awarding a customer a kayak adds just as much value as selling a car. How? Through the power of Facebook likes.

Electric will be a rude awakening

The industry's rush to EVs may come as a surprise to consumers who have no plans of replacing their internal combustion engines anytime soon.

Last Cruze finds home with sentimental dealer ? for FCA

Dealer John Kufleitner, new owner of the last Chevrolet Cruze produced in Lordstown, Ohio, is inviting local residents to sit in it and take pictures before it joins his collection of classic cars.

FTC data breach deal sets precedent

Social Security, driver's license and credit card numbers were siphoned out of a DMS provider's directories associated with five dealership clients in 2016. One legal expert says the settlement with the FTC may mark a sea change.

Denso, Honeywell go airborne with plans for electric flying vehicles

Japanese supplier Denso is partnering with aerospace manufacturer Honeywell on a plan to develop electrification technologies for urban flying vehicles.