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GM putting the pieces for EV assembly into place

GM only has one electric vehicle on sale in the U.S. today, but within a few years it's expected to have a North American EV manufacturing footprint comprising four plants, including one in Mexico.

AutoNation ramps up plans for used-only stores

The company aims to have 100 or more standalone AutoNation USA stores by 2030, up from five today. It expects to open five of those new stores by the end of next year.

A lens on the changes in electrification and cities

University of California Davis mobility expert Giovanni Circella is optimistic about the future of innovation in the mobility field, particularly around electrification, in spite of setbacks caused by the pandemic.

What will Brockman charges do to Reynolds?

Federal prosecutors' allegations that Reynolds and Reynolds CEO Bob Brockman evaded taxes on $2 billion in income raise questions about whether the company he has led for more than a decade will have to navigate any fallout.

Elected officials will need to get in gear on autos

Federal leadership is needed to address issues facing the auto industry in the pandemic, as well as challenges ahead with both electric and autonomous vehicles.